Wooden Sculptures

The sculptures I have created have been strongly inspired by nature and mathematics. To obtain more information about a particular sculpture follow the link associated with the photo.

Wooden Wall Sculptures

Wall Sculpture Radial Motion 1
Wooden Wall Sculpture Radial Motion #1


Free Standing Wooden Sculptures



Water and Wave Wooden Structure Series

The Water and Wave wooden sculpture series represent motion in nature. The movement of clouds in the sky or the flowing of water in a river, are both examples of motion in nature. The amount of energy in the motion can vary greatly and this energy affects the general shape of the motion. A motion with low energy is smooth and calm, such as a slow flowing river on a summer day.  Turbulent motion with high energy can be represented by stormy weather or river rapids. The Water and Wave wood sculptures capture this variation in nature.

The Water and Wave sculptures are three dimensional sculptures and can be viewed from either side. The wood is approximately 1/8” thick and the overall thickness of the structure is approximately 1”. When you study these structures it is easy to imagine that the wood is flexible, like a piece of clay, and the sculpture was created by folding and creasing this thin piece of clay. In addition to the actual shape of the structure, the natural color and grain pattern of the wood adds an extra dimension to the structure. The wood structures are finished with a hand rubbed coat of wax to preserve the natural beauty of the wood.

The sculptures are free standing and can easily be displayed on a shelf, desk or table.