"Handcrafted wood boxes, wood sculptures and wood wall art"

I have always been interested in the nature of wood; its feel and aroma. I find that nothing is more pleasant than the smell of freshly cut wood. I started my career as an engineer. At that time I bought my first table saw and I have been involved in woodworking ever since. The mathematical and engineering knowledge I gained early in my career I apply to my woodworking designs. I started my career in woodworking designing and building of traditional furniture. After making custom furniture for many years my interests have moved towards designing and creating unique handcrafted wooden boxes, wooden sculptures and wooden wall art. I create each piece myself without any assistants.  I feel the most important aspects of my work are the actual design process and the natural beauty of the wood used to construct the piece. The tools I use range from traditional hand tools to advanced power tools.

I use a wide variety of exotic and domestic hardwoods in my projects. I am always looking for interesting pieces of wood that I can use to create a unique project.  Several years ago I purchased a beautiful piece of waterfall bubinga without any particular project in mind. Since that time I have not seen another piece of bubinga with the same unique grain pattern and only now have I come up with a few ideas for its use. My shop is littered with small pieces of wood cutoffs from various projects. I always see something of interest in those small pieces and I cannot bring myself to throw them away. Someday, I will find a use for those small pieces.

In my current work, I often combine the natural flowing curves that are found in nature with geometric patterns. The contrast created between the natural flowing curves and the geometric patterns creates an object that quickly capture’s your eye’s attention. In a recent wooden box I designed, I combined the classic checker board pattern with smooth flowing curves. As you look at the box, your eyes are first attracted to the strong contrast between the maple and black walnut squares, but this contrast is quickly balanced by the flowing curves of the piece. The boxes I design are suitable for use as engagement ring boxes, keepsake boxes, or simply a wooden box to be displayed because of its inherent beauty and uniqueness.

The wave sculptures are another example of an object I have designed and created that captures the wave motion so often found in nature. The wood used in creating each sculpture is hand chosen for its color and grain.

Wave #23 wall sculpture is an example of creating a fluid surface that complements the natural grain and beauty of the black walnut wood. The ebb and flow of the surface attempts to follow the grain direction of the wood. The black walnut sculpture is mounted slightly offset from a maple frame adding to the visual dimensional of the piece.

Each wooden sculpture is unique and is dated and signed.

I have sold my wooden boxes and wooden wall art sculptures to clients across the United States and as far away as Singapore and England. Most of my pieces are available for immediate delivery. I am also open to discuss new projects that meet your personal requirements. Pieces can also be redesigned using different woods of your choice or in a size that will meet your needs.

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